Trinity Irish Bar

2021 changed the European bar map forever. In the ranks of thousands of similar cocktail bars, whiskey bars and pubs, something unique has appeared - the first network of New Irish Bars in the Old World.

Collecting all the best features of different types of establishments, Trinity Irish Bar has managed to create an absolutely new standard for establishments in Europe. Signature cocktails from one of the best bartenders on the planet, huge collections of whiskeys, gins and other spirits, an amazing selection of beers, delicious cuisine and a unique design, thought out to the smallest detail.

Each Trinity Irish Bar is unique and has its own characteristics, but they all have a feature in common - Balance in All Things.


Trinity Irish Bar Vienna

The first Trinity Irish Bar opened on June 11, 2021 in the Austrian capital near the world famous Vienna Opera. The international team assembled for the implementation of such an ambitious project managed to cope with all the difficulties and create an institution unmatched.

The bar is divided into three separate zones with its own unique design, and in the bowels of the bar there is also a secret speakeasy bar. Especially for Trinity Irish Bar Vienna, 25 unique signature cocktails have been developed, which, together with an excellent collection of spirits, more than a dozen beers and amazing Irish and international cuisine, make the bar a desirable place to visit for residents and visitors of the city.

Trinity Irish Bar Monaco

The opening of the second Trinity Irish Bar took place on February 9th 2022. The bar in Monaco should become one of the most unusual and versatile establishments in the entire French Riviera. Located in the legendary Monte Carlo, Trinity Irish Bar Monaco will take the cocktail bar and Irish pub fusion to the next level, with two separate locations across the road: Mountainside and Seaside.

On the mountain side located an incredibly beautiful Irish Bar, where guests can enjoy drinks and delicious cuisine, developed by a world-class bartender, chef and pastry chef. Opposite the Bar, closer to the sea, there is a premium Cocktail Club. In exclusive interiors, guests are offered a unique cocktail menu consisting of signature cocktails you cannot taste in any other bar on the planet. An extensive collection of high-quality spirits and premium service makes Trinity Irish Bar Monaco a place where you will want to return again and again every time you visit Monte Carlo.

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Trinity Irish Bar X

Trinity Irish Bar network does not plan to stop at only two bars, and our team is already working on opening of several more such places in different countries. Each establishment under the Trinity brand will be unique in its own way, but all of them will be united by our idea and the highest quality standards. At the moment, we are not ready to reveal where Trinity Irish Bar X will open, but soon we will uncover the veil of secrecy, and you will find out which city will be the third in a row on the Trinity map.

The Legend of Trinity

Despite the fact that the first Trinity Irish Bar was opened in the 21st century, the Legend of its creation dates back to the Middle Ages, when the Secret Brotherhood of the Holy Trinity was formed.

The fraternity was named after the Trinity College, the oldest Irish higher education institution, and within its walls the fraternity held meetings and secret training for specially selected recruits. Future agents were chosen from college students who could see things that most people don't.

Since 1592, the Brotherhood has been fighting to maintain the balance in our world, preventing the dark forces from tipping the scales and plunging our planet into chaos. Agents in different countries fight the dark forces invisible to the naked eye, and for their meetings they gather in institutions called Trinity scattered around the world.